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Headquartered in Singapore, TG Human Resource Services Pte Ltd  is a regional human resource services consultancy with direct investments in human resource solution companies in Asia Pacific: China, Hong Kong,  Japan, Macau, Malaysia and Taiwan. TG's aim is to help our clientele of employers become more successful by providing them with a comprehensive suite of innovative human capital solutions.

TG Group was founded as APBA Pte Ltd in 2011 as an investment company focused on the integration of various human resource services across the Asia Pacific region. Since then, TG has invested into many companies and consolidated everyone into a common brand.



Founded as APBA Pte Ltd


Invested into AETG Company Limited (Hong Kong)


Invested in Step5 (China)

Started providing HR Services & Solutions in Singapore


Owns 100% AETG Company Limited


Owns 100% of Step5


Re-brands into TG Human Resources Group

Owns 100% of i6

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