Digital Marketing
LocationTokyoContact PersonKentaro Hori
Contract TypePermanent


Job Responsibilities:

Management Consultant(Global M&A)   Follow the PDCA cycle on digital promotion of EC service “Wowma!” to acquire new customers.

Management Consultant(Global M&A)   Enhancement and optimization of existing medias

Management Consultant(Global M&A)   Planning and execution for existing medias

Management Consultant(Global M&A)   Direction of internal production team and of agencies

Management Consultant(Global M&A)   Client communication

Management Consultant(Global M&A)   Planning and execution of sales promotion campaign


Management Consultant(Global M&A)   Empathy for “Wowma!” business and corporate vision

Management Consultant(Global M&A)   Strong commitment to the growth of our services

Management Consultant(Global M&A)   2 years + of web marketing experiences

Management Consultant(Global M&A)   Web marketing planner experience

Management Consultant(Global M&A)   Experience of promoting projects with teams including clients

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