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India Business Development Support

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With the recent call from the Japanese government to create a resilient and sustainable supply chain, companies are planning to spread out their operation and manufacturing locations in Asia. Among various countries, India is one of the most prominent choices. Tier 1 cities such as Delhi and Mumbai, however, are losing attraction from Japanese businesses due to rising costs. i6TG provides business support in rising cities and helps you maximize the potential available in the local area.


l  Q. Where can I get the support?

A. Services are available across India, while we highly recommend the third most

popular Karnataka state where the highest number of IT engineers gather.


l  Q. Can I start small?

A. Yes. Depending on the type of business you wish to start, you may be able to use our

partner's premises at Nitte University. Contact us for more information.


l  Q. What exactly do you support?

A. We provide location search, market research, permit applications, recruitment, and

other comprehensive consulting services.



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