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Harikrishna Bhat


Harikrishna Bhat is the business advisor of i6 Group from March 2020, acting as the bridge between Japan and India, he provides various support to Japanese companies in terms of Indian talent sourcing and startups in India.

Before becoming the Business Advisor of i6, Hari worked at India’s major IT company Wipro Japan as Vice President and was appointed the President and Representative Director of HCL Japan. Under his leadership, HCL achieved the Japan Management Association Award, contributing to HCL’s significant growth.

Hari acted as the advisor to Accenture, Sasken and L&T Infotech. Currently, Hari is actively working with various universities (Keio University, Waseda University, Meiji University, Kanto Gakuin University, Miyazaki University), JMA, etc., expanding his vision.

Currently, he is also the Professor and Director of International Collaborations for NITTE University.


Hari graduated from the Master’s Program from the Electronics Instrument Faculty of National University of Kagoshima, Japan.

Harikrishna Bhat

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